Panama Hat Care

Forming & Shaping

If for some reason your hat needs some minor reforming, it is not to difficult to do since this is a True Montecristi hat and can be formed however you like! For minor formation problems, start with this:

Supplies Needed

  • A spray bottle with plain hot water
  • A hair dryer

To remove a wrinkle or bad shape, simply spray water lightly on the place to be reformed, and then warm it a little with the hair dryer. You will notice that a heavy crease will start to relax with just this. Now, allow the water to soak in for a minute or so and you will notice that the hat becomes a little like clay in your hands. Reform/reshape it how you like using a little water and the hair dryer.

It is better to let the Panama hat set a few minutes, not letting it dry completely. This way, you can still shape the last part by hand like a making a snap brim at that point and it goes much faster that way.

With proper care and maintenance, a genuine Montecristi Panama hat can last you many, many years.


If your Panama hat needs cleaned, you can do light cleaning with a rag and hand soap in isolated areas. If your Panama hat is heavily stained by sweat, you may need to return it to us for servicing.

To service your hat, we will remove the leather sweat band and drop it in a bucket of water with soap and scrub it down removing as much of the stains as possible. Afterward, we will repair any broken straws and pre-block the hat to set the size, then iron the hat. Next, we need to re-block the hat with your original style or a new style of your choice. The final step is to hand stitch in a new leather band and pack it for return shipment.

We can perform this service to your hat for you for a modest servicing fee. Please contact us for more information.

To get the longest life from your Panama hat, we recommend having it serviced every few years.