Panama Hat Hand Blocking

Panama Hats- The Finishing Process

Panama Hat Weaving

At this point in the production process, your straw hat has been in the weaving process for the last three to four months, and now you come along just in time as the hat is finishing!

If a Panama hat order requires something like an extra large brim, then we simply have the weaver keep weaving until reaching your desired length. If it was an especially short brim, we would simply stop him early. Our standard brim size is between 2.6" and 2.8", but brims of all sizes can be ordered either from our in-stock inventory or by custom designing a Panama hat exactly to your specifications!

Panama Hats- Hand Blocking

This is the process which your Panama hat gets your final preferences such as shape and size. It is at this point in time where we start on your hat after the weavers have worked hard waving your hat for several months.

The final shaping of these straw hats is done in the final blocking procedure which is only started after you give us your specifications of size, style, and any other preferences you have. This blocking and shaping takes a couple of days, but usually within the week we can have any hat you need!

The standard brim size is between 2.6 to 2.8 inches, but larger brim sizes can be ordered, although it will take a little extra time to have the hat ready to ship.

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