Panama Hat Grades

The cost of a Panama hat depends on it's weave, or grade. The finer the grade, the finer it's woven, and the more it's worth. The four basic grades we offer at Panama Hats Direct are:


WPI range 80-150 Average is 120 WPI*

Sub-Fino Panama hats are our most basic type of hat with a weave that is still of great quality, but not as tightly woven as the other grades. Sub-Fino hats start at only $145.00.

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WPI range 150-255 Average is 200WPI*

Fino Panama hats have a tighter weave than the Sub-Fino hats, which, in turn, takes the craftsman more time to hand weave each hat. For this reason, Fino hats start at $175.00.


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Super Fino

WPI range 230-399 Average is 330 WPI*

Super Fino Panama hats are for those who demand fine quality. Each one can take many weeks to complete. Super Fino hats start $275.00.


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Fino Fino

WPI range 400-624 Average is 520 WPI*

Fino Fino Panama hats can only be woven with the finest straw and by a very skilled craftsman due to the extremely fine weave. Fino Fino hats start at $385.00.


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*Please note that there is a lot more to grading hats than Just counting weaves, there are many factors in this process although the WPI is one of the more important factors and we do count WPI on every hat we sell but there is a range we need to work within since every hat has a diferant WPI.
Rest assured no matter what grade you select the hat will be a genuine Panama hat from Montecristi Ecuador ( Where all Panama hats come from) that can last 10+ years if taken care of properly.