What is a Cuenca Hat? What is a Montecristi hat?
Can you tell the Difference?
Now you will be able to....

Here at Panama Hats Direct:

We offer both kinds of hats on our site and introduce you to many other types as well,
but we clearly label each for what they are.
We will never try to sell a Cuenca hat as though it was a Montecristi hat as is very common practice both in Ecuador and all over the internet.
We give you our word that we sell precisely what each respective hat is on our site and in addition we teach you to pick out the frauds :)
It is very easy to sell a Cuenca hat that cost much less for a high end Montecristi to consumers who are unaware of the differences so be aware don’t over pay for mislabeled Infirior product. As you saw in this video the Cuenca hat is labeled as a "genuine Panama Hat" that is very true it is a panama hat made in Ecuador as all panama hats are but it is a “Cuenca Panama Hat” Not a “Montecristi Panama hat” very different hats yet both made in Ecuador and both Genuine Panama Hats.
Part of the confusion comes from the fact that many Cuenca hats are labeled inside as Montecristi hats on many ocasions making it very hard for an end consumer to really know what they have purchased.
So This very simple light test will revel very quickly what kind of hat you may have purchased no matter what it says inside the labeled hat.
PS: We put liners inside our Montecristi hats but it is not to keep you from testing us!

Just pull the liner out it is not permanently attached it is removable, then hold it to the light you will see you have gotten the real thing!