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Panama Hats Direct has been manufacturing the world's finest genuine Panama Hats for over 16 years. In that time, we have received positive feedback from our customers all over the world!

Here is what some had to say:

Darryl Henry

The Fino Fino arrived and I could not be more pleased. It is perfect! Fits great and has been impeccable blocked. I know I will enjoy this hat for many years to come. It is a Classic. Thank you all so much for all your efforts.

- Darryl

Charlie Dolgin

Don't know if you want to promote the wearing of Panama hats in the cold, but I couldn't wait until spring to "break in" my fabulous Havana fino fino!

Charlie Dolgin

Arthur W. Booth

I have been wearing the latest hat that I bought from you for several months now- (a Trilby model with an extra wide brim.) I have gotten loads of compliments on it and I have recommended you to several people who inquired about it.

In fact, on a recent trip to Egypt one of the members of my tour group complimented me on the hat and when I showed him the liner with your name on it and recommended you, much to my surprise, his wife told me that she had bought a hat from you and was happy with your product and service.

Arthur W. Booth

Worth McDaniell

I was in St. Augustine, Fl. (the oldest city in the USA) over the weekend and they have a hat retailer there and I had the occasion to stop in and see what they had and their prices. They had a fair collection of Panamas but what was unusual was that they were of general sizes S, M, L, XL and etc. They weren't lined and they had a cloth head ban. The workmanship was good with the back weave and they were fino fino. Are you sitting down the hat he showed me was $500. I wouldn't have paid $500 for the hat. In my eyes it wasn't as nice as mine (as mentioned above).

I know I have a great hat and I can't wait until it cools off a little to wear it more often. I'll be heading to Boston, Ma. later this month and will be wearing it there. In the meantime keep the good (should be Great) work up.

Your friend,


Salah M. Abdul-Wahid

Just to let you know, my hat arrived today. Couldn't be more pleased with the hat and with your excellent service. I leave soon for Africa and taking the my new hat from Panama Hats Direct with me. I'm sure it will serve me well in the African sun.

Best Regards,

Salah M. Abdul-Wahid

Tom Wallon


Attached (hope you can open it OK) is a picture of one of your Panama Hats (that received many compliments by the way).. at the Telluride, Colorado Blues and Brews Festival. This was during the Sept. 12, 13, 14, 2008 weekend. The music featured was Blues Music and the "Brews" part is self explanatory. There were 10,000 people in attendance. I tried to get a shot up fairly close that shows the backdrop for the musicians. It was a lot of fun and the hat was admired by many! (Sorry I am not a better looking model, but I like the hat!)

Tom Wallon

Robert Harris

Hello Casey, I bet you thought I forgot about you. I have been touring for the past few months, but I am home now and catching up on a few things and you where on my follow-up list. I will phone in a testimony for you today, and attached is a nice photo showing off your beautiful hat.

Robert Harris
Jazz / R&B
Guitarist / Vocalist

Pete Hernandez

Got my hat yesterday and wore it all day. Here is a picture of my wife and me in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, me wearing my Super Fino Trilby that I got from you. Also, love that one and it is a perfect fit. Several gentlemen have asked me where I got it and I have=A0told them of the good service I have received from you.

Thanks a lot,


Michael Craft

Here's a photo of me with my new Panama hat. Many thanks for the great service; I'll be ordering again, soon!


Michael Craft,
Carlsbad, California

Matt Finizio

Attached are some pictures of myself today with the hat. As I said before, it is doing so well by me, I can't thank you enough.

Matt Finizio

John McMullen

Attached is a picture of me, in my Fino Fino Fedora #2. I love it and am ready to provide a testimonial.

Thanks for a GREAT hat!

John McMullen
La Mesa, CA

Trevor Hilpert

I would be pleased to record a testimonial about my Panama (Ecuador) hat. It is my favorite thing to wear. I rarely took the hat off after I received it. We went on our annual summer sail in the San Juan Islands and my hat did great. My daughter Hilary would grab the hat when she could. I think she needs one.

Trevor Hilpert

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