Panama Hat Sizes

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Cm Inches Hat View
54cm21 1/2"6 3/4 View Stock
55cm21 3/4"6 7/8 View Stock
56cm22"7 View Stock
57cm22 1/2"7 1/8 View Stock
58cm22 3/4"7 1/4 View Stock
59cm23"7 3/8 View Stock
60cm23 1/2"7 1/2 View Stock
61cm24"7 5/8 View Stock
62cm24 3/8"7 3/4 View Stock
63cm24 7/8"7 7/8 View Stock
64cm25 1/8"8 View Stock
65cm25 1/2"8 1/4 View Stock

Important Sizing Information

An important fact to keep in mind is that hat manufacturers are a lot like jean manufacturers in that they all make their own sizes and call it something different.

For this reason, we ask you to take a real measurement instead of relying on a hat size since we are a custom hat shop and we work with precise measurements that is why you see sizing in CM on our website because that is an actual measurement.

You're ordering a custom-made hat: be sure it fits!

Please take the time to measure - we want your custom-made Panama hat to fit you exactly the way it should.

Please take the time to print out our measuring instructions- we want your custom made Panama hat to fit you exactly the way it should.

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  • Don't use a string around your head and measure that, don't use a construction measuring tape either.
  • Don't rely on standard hat sizes for your measurement that will change with each hat company.
  • Don't measure a hat that fits you well it is not accurate that way either.