Handmade Montecristi Special Reserve Trilby Panama Hat

Montecristi Special Reserve Trilby Panama Hat
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  • Grade: Montecristi Special Reserve
  • Model: Trilby
  • Hat Size: 23" / 59cm / 7 3/8
  • Brim Size: 6.10cm / 2.40in

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Montecristi hats are known for their tight weave pattern, so tight it can even hold water. If you were to turn it upside down and fill the crown up with water it would take a long time to drain out! No matter how fine the straw is or what grade of Montecristi it is, this hat has a very airtight weave pattern. Yet it is still remarkably great in the sun! The light coloration reflects light and stays cool, and because of the lightweight feel of the hat (120 grams on average) it's as though you didn't even have a hat on, it's that lightweight!

Finer woven then our Fino fino Panama hats can only be woven with the finest straw and by a very skilled craftsman due to the extremely fine weave. This hat can have 1000+WPI! Amazing it ever existed! This is a special order item so please have patience with this one. WPI range 600-1000 Average is 700 WPI

The Classic Trilby Panama hat is similar to the classic fedora, but not! If it had a taller crown it could be a western model. It's blocked in standard oval.

The standard crown height of the Trilby model is 4.75" measuring from the brim to the top of the point on the side of the hat. The back of the crown is exactly the same as the front, measuring between 3.75" creating a level appearance.

Snap brim on the front causing the brim to tip downward slightly and upward in the back just a little.

Almost a Stingy Brim: Just a bit smaller then our standard brim. Does offer some shade protection but more often selected for the style. Some people just look great in short brims!

Each Panama hat comes with one hat band of your choice, but you may want to include a few extra hat bands- a quick way to change the personality of your Panama hat!

Each and every Panama hat we sell is handmade right here in Ecuador, so no two hats are exactly alike.

DID YOU KNOW? You can custom design a hat exactly to your specifications! Click Here

1. Print our measuring tape to ensure an accurate measurement.

2. Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your head being sure the tape falls above your ears and the ridge of your eyebrows.

3. Using your measurements, you can view our current stock of all Panama hats for your size.

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