Genuine Handmade Panama Hats

We have the most complete variety of authentic, handmade Panama hats to choose from. To view our inventory, first select a type of hat below.

Cuenca Panama Hats

  • Looser weave
  • Similar to Montecristi's
  • More affordable
  • Starting at only $45

Made in Cuenca, Ecuador so it is still a genuine "Panama hat" but not a "Montecristi Panama hat" since it was not made in the city of Montecristi. The weave pattern is looser and if you hold it to the sun you will see it is a more open weave, not as air tight as a Montecristi hat. To the untrained eye it does look a lot like a Montecristi hat and in many ways even the coloration can be very similar. That doesn't make it a bad hat, it just makes it a Cuenca hat. They have their upside in price!

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Montecristi Panama Hats

  • Tighter weave
  • Genuine Montecristi Panama Hat
  • Highest quality handmade Panama hats
  • Starting at only $115

Montecristi hats are known for their tight weave pattern- so tight it can even hold water. If you were to turn it upside down and fill the crown up with water it would take a long time to drain out! No matter how fine the straw is or what grade of Montecristi it is, this hat has a very airtight weave pattern, yet still remarkably great in the sun! The light coloration reflects light and stays cool, and because of the lightweight feel of the hat (120 grams on average) it's as though you didn't even have a hat on, it's that lightweight!

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Panama Hats On Sale

We have a constantly rotating stock of genuine Panama hats on sale. Some may have been custom made, but the original customer backed out of the order. Others may have simply been in-stock longer than we would like.

Save up to 50% off the original prices!

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Blemished Panama Hats

Each handmade Panama hat goes through a rigorous quality control process. If any hat does not meet all of our exacting standards, we either reject it altogether or sell it at a discounted price if the blemish is not very bad.

While not in perfect condition, the blemished Panama hats we choose to sell are still in very fine shape. Most have slight issues with their weave pattern or a few dark straws (which are not typically highly desired). We have taken great care to highlight and explain any blemishes the hat may have so you can make a clear, informed decision as to whether or not it's a good choice for you.

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