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Remember This is an old audio file published in 2005!

My thoughts on this audio:

Yes it is true that same hats will sell in the right market for much higher, Brent black offers these hats for $20,000 or more!
Personally I don’t get into those hats you will never find them on my site since there are so few of them woven in a year and our focus is on low price volume.
So if Brent Black has a market to sell them then that is great! I am all for it.
I don’t criticize someone for doing something so impressive! :)
Here at panama hats direct our focus is on the average person who needs good coverage on their heads and nice style but at more affordable prices
we endeavor to make this art available to the average person in the world instead of just the very rich, and we work on volume so we can offer a much lower prices while maintaining very high quality.


Here is another NPR article that was nicely done as well though they are referring Brent black hats threw out because he is the only one who actually sells these 3000 WPI hats! He kind of has a monopoly on them, but then again there are only maybe 10 a year that are woven!

Second article
He just woven the Worlds finest panama Hat