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Ordering fine Panama Hats can be a hard decision
We endeavor to make it as easy as possible to order a fine Panama Hat online.

We try to keep it simple, but if you want more in-depth information we have it here as well.
If you still have questions please ask. We're here to help every step of the way.


2 ways of selecting a hat

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2: Custom order anything - No extra charge
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Welcome to Panamat Hat Direct | Finest Panama hats online.

Panama hats are a perfect spring or summer accessory. Our straw hats are lightweight, perfect for keeping the sun out of your face, while keeping you from overheating. A Panama hat is a timeless, classy accessory. They look great on both men and women. Our hats are both stylish and practical.

Here at Panama Hats Direct, we do things a little differently. You can either shop from our inventory, or create your own custom hat for no additional charge. First you choose the hat style. We feature: fedora hats, Havana hats, Optimo hats, Plantation hats, Trilby hats, Gambler hats, Patron hats, Bowler hats, and Center Dent hats. Next you choose the grade of straw weave. We have 4 choices ranging from sub fino to fino fino, decreasing in width. The next step is choosing the band. We feature a wide variety of hand made bands in stripes or solid, different materials, width, and colors. Finally, you choose the size. We have the resources to make your hat in any size possible. We build it the way you envision and ship it to you, worldwide.

When you order from us, you are guaranteed an authentic Panama hat, straight from Ecuador where we are located. We have a shop in Montecristi and one in Ambato, where we conduct our online business and place the final touches on our hats before they are shipped to you, anywhere in the world.

We want to make your search for the perfect Panama hat fun. We hope you enjoy your experience for picking out or customizing your hat. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We love helping our customers, guiding them with their requests, and giving them suggestions they may have not thought of.

Our fine Panama hats are sturdy and will stand the test of time. When you order a hat from us, you are purchasing a fine article of clothing that is timeless and classy. When you are searching for a Panama hat, look no further than Panama Hats Direct. We only sell the highest quality hats that are authentic, straight from Ecuador.


Our Panama Hats are Guaranteed Genuine

Your Fine the gentleman's Panama Hat will be shipped straight from our hat shop in Ecuador, from where all real genuine panama hats come.
We have a hat shop in Montecristi, Ecuador as well as a hat shop in Ambato Ecuador where we do most of our marketing
and final finishing of the hats before they are ship out to you in any part of the world.


With its rapidly growing popularity, our authentic gentleman real panama hats are quickly becoming known for their classic/unique style.
From a collection of fedora hat styles, including panama jack and trilby hats, our mens panama hats complement any of your outfits
whether it be a suit or casual jeans a panama hat just fits right in any wardrobe.

Our straw hats are made from Ecuadorian Paja toquilla straw, which grow in abundance in ecuador.
Our products set a standard for their fineness of the weave; providing a unique feel for elegance that you will enjoy, and that unique distinguished style that you seek.

We have many fedoras for sale. Or you can custom make your own genuine fedora straw hat with our easy six step process. We will have it skillfully weaved for you and shipped to you anywhere in the world! We use the best weavers in the region, and all our hats are given the intricate attention it deserves, pieced one at a time, woven by hand, blocked and trimmed and finished to your requests, as a custom made hat unique to you and your style.

Our collection features several styles, colors and qualities to suit all tastes and budgets. So custom order your authentic panama hat today!
Call us Toll Free at 1-800-876-6956 or in Ecuador at 593-3284-6465!

Your panama hat company - Panama Hats Direct!

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